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September 16, 2009


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GINGER!!!! This is your most fabulous piece yet! I love the last bag you did, but this one... woah! It's so over the top and perfect!

Nice, nice work.

Can you reveal the magic trick that makes sewing a lining in the back work? I mess mine up EVERY time.


I meant lining " the BAG..."


Why YES, Deb in SF, I'm always happy to demystify a mystery. Actually, for this bag, I followed the same logic that I used in the 37-Minute Polyester Tote Tutorial (a quick click from the lefthand nav). Have you looked at it? I'm not EVEN kidding or exaggerating that I wrote that thing for you. :)

Christina warren

OMG Ginger. Impressive. Really, I'm speechless. Which, as you know, is really saying something. You are AMAZING. And clearly, his patience paid off. In spades. How do I get one?


Heluva thing, that. I'm in love with both the seat belt and the GULP. Do you even know how obsessed I am with fairy tales? Are you SURE you made it for him???

Man, your day was well spent. ManOman.


WOW! Is he single? Because it looks so good on him, he won't be for long! That's what I mean.


I've been thinking I need to make a bag for my little guy with lots of doodads. He loves opening and closing. Um...actually, we're all about closing and not so much about opening. Trying to delay the "I can unbuckle my seat belt" moment as long as possible. I love the panel with the moving parts.


oh so so cute... ohmy i want one.

Darling Petunia

That's awesome!

Erin Butson

I 2nd debinsf... this is fabulous. i total treasure. makes me want to know how to sew. Love the gulp.


That bag is freaking awesome! I love the other projects too. Good job on working through your IOUs! They can really stack up fast when people hear you know how to sew!

Malea Baer

My comment seems to have just disappeared...sigh...anyhow, this bag is beyond amazing and so is any man that would love this kind of bag. Truly, freaking AMAZING!

So glad I clicked over from Wardrobe Refashion!

julie k

LOVE the seatbelt strap. LOVE IT!


Too funny!
LOVE the seatbelt idea.
Sounds like something my mechanic
brother would do!
I can't stand to waste anything
and am loving the ingenuity I
see with your sewing!
Keep up the good work!
Elaine (who saw you on today)

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