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June 21, 2010


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You can do it!!! Channel some of that polyester creative goodness into a cute tunic dress that won't fly up. You'll be such a happy girl!

Miss prickly

You can't find a dress you like because they are all ugly and overpriced! I've used some of the built by Wendy books - recommended!


I can't wait to see what you make! I know it will be fabulous!!!



Love, love, love your posts.


Don't tell my kids, but I'm afraid of snakes too. I date it to my Reptiles class taken while in pursuit of my zoology degree. Seriously, how many formaldehyde preserved snakes can you pull from a jar before you develop a serious complex? I can barely walk through the snake house in the zoo. Pitiful.


I hear you, Girlfriend - every sentence...except I don't mind snakes.


Make a dress for a snake. A snake in a dress is never scary, plus, it'd be good dressmaking practice.


Okay..even more proof that we NEED to get together and soon. I have been pondering this very thing for some time. ;-)


So brave of you to post your fears online.

You can do it! You can conquer all of these limitations! I hated shopping RTW too for the past few years since I didn't like the direction that the styles were going. You'll get there soon, just persevere and keep challenging yourself sewing-wise.

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