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  • If you're looking for me (maybe you want to give me a big box of your grandma's polyester), you can email wienerdogtricks AT gmail DOT com.

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September 26, 2012


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How timely ... I'm taking a scrap quilt class on Saturday using the book Scrap Republic for just purpose of using all those scraps of fabric!


Good for you! Your Granny would be proud of you!

Mandi @ The mab Blab

I'm with you... what's the point of keeping something that was meant to be used and enjoyed if it is (in it's current condition) in too fragile a condition to be used and enjoyed? I think Granny would tell you to cut, chop, and remake!

(But if a posse of quilters comes after you.... run. They have pretty sharp rotary cutters....)


Ok, Ginger. I've deeply understood the difference between quilters and scrappers! Quilters are workers, builder, constructing people. Scrappers are destroying and then constructing and so on. I mean LIFE. Worn trousers have not the same "smell" than new fabrics. Also if you have already washed them...


But, I would like to know. Which relative? A man, a woman? Who thrown away the bag?????????

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