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September 20, 2012


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I hear you. Sewed three baby quilts this year. I'm not sure how conceptually complex the ideas are, but I am considering another "no-brainer" with big blocks just for us. Should be cathartic -- right? ;)


Ginger, you are SO freaking funny!!!!!!!! Now, go back upstairs and quick make me a USB-drive-cozy! I really need one!

Dolly Madison Designs

*Goes into gales of laughter*
I don't quilt--I'd like to--but I've got so stinkin' many other projects going this month with screaming deadlines FINISH ME NOW!! NOW! NO, ME FIRST! ME! ME! IT'S AN EMERGENCY! <<----all the projects screaming that simultaneously....I need to start quilting! Yeah, that's what I need to calm my nerves. Yeah. Yeah....yeah....


Kell Smurthwaite

I think it's like this for all crafters. I get like this over crochet and cross stitch. Every time a friend or family member gets pregnant. They need a crocheted baby blanket and a birth sampler. If they get married, they need a crocheted wedding blanket and a wedding sampler. If it's a major anniversary, they need... a crocheted blanket and a sampler to commemorate the date. They also need handmade cards for each occasion. And it's getting a bit colder, so everyone needs a scarf. And a hat. And some gloves. Oh, slippers! Everyone needs some cosy slippers to keep their tootsies warm. Maybe I can get to grips with socks too. Everyone could do with some nice warm socks to wear in bed. And maybe they need an extra blanket. Perhaps I could pretty up some pillow cases and a duvet set with cross stitch and a crochet border while I'm at it - they should all be able to snuggle in style, after all! It's never ending!


Too funny, and too true,I think that knocked up thing is in the water, do not drink the water. Since December, 7 baby quilts,none hand quilted all by machine,I love to quilt but would love to have no time line,a girl can dream.


Thank you for the laugh!


Sometimes I think that we NEED to craft for everyone because is the way to feel we are important. VIM. Very important "mother". (???)


Reminds me of a story from a previous boyfriend's mother, who was attending a quilting class. Stepping outside for a break, a fellow female student with a broad German accent asked if she "smoked"? It took a moment to realise the German wanted to know if she could "smock".

Pam Cope

Ha-ha. and that's why even though I have been quilting steady for 25+ years I only have 5 quilts in my own house, and two of them are not finished! I met a woman who makes beautiful quilts - show winners, but she said she has never given a quilt away, not even made one for her own kids. I was thinking... what's wrong with her??? Another person who doesn't give her quilts away has lost interest in quilting... I think our friends give us passion and inspiration for all the quilts we want to make! No cigs for me, but many pots of coffee though!


Great discussion on handcrafting for others. I agree with Pam Cope ... Our friends do give us passion and inspiration for any gift we handcraft. In my stage of life, I'm doing quilts for retirement gifts. No cigarettes for me either; coffee and cinnamon-orange spiced tea for me!

Tina S

I think we often feel the need to craft for others to let them know that they are important to US! Every glue dot, cut, and stitch shows that they are important because we are willing to give them our time and, as such, ourselves. No cigarettes here...only chocolate and Diet Pepsi. (I know, I know....but what's a girl to do?)


Wha?? She's like the opposite of The Quiltmaker's Gift lady. So weird!


i quilt and i smoke...check out my facebook page "homemades and handmades" caryn verell...i love to quilt but other peoples wants, needs and desires can drive a person crazy! if i did not have that hit off a ciggie while thinking about quilting a quilt would not get made! sometimes it is difficult to explain to a non quilter what actually goes into the making of the quilt besides the usual fabric and thread.

Laurie F.

I so relate to this -- I twitch, too! I'm trying to finish one quilt but can't because of the next three quilts I have to plan, trying to find the perfect pattern from the thousands I've downloaded to best utilize the fabric I bought but didn't need. The pressure!


I'll be your AMEN corner because i totally feel you.

Jowyn Jenson

Very funny. Just make everyone USB covers... (love that) That will do. PS: I'm a crafter and I smoke, but not 3 packs a day just one pack!


First off, I would like to say how happy I was to have ran into you thursday at Farmers! It had been such a long time and every now and then I would think of how great of a professor you were/are/continue to be. We teach every day, and you do not need a class room to do so. The lesson "Life". Any how I wont overwhelm you. I just want you to know how fortunate I felt to have been your student. Theres a gravity to your being that can pull people from whatever funk they may be stuck in. I wish you the best. Thank you for being the person you are. Good luck.

Best! (I got that from you haha)

Ernye Valenciano

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