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October 02, 2012


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You don't sit down and sew to make money, but maybe you could make money by charging for show and tell. I'd like to come to your house to see your projects in real life and get a tour of your sewing room. I'd pay you some money or bring you a treat!

amy rene

happy five for the fine use of the Sharpie. sewing is not a hobby. it's a way of life!


I know you have written about this topic before---but I need to hear more about it NOW! As a woman of a "certain age" who has raised her children and now has gone back to college WITH THEM...I need to remember that school is not my life! I have been so excited to "reward" myself over the last 2 days for doing my homework with special quilting time---but apparently I have been looking at it all wrong. Quilting will allow me to be happier with having to do schoolwork (again!) and with taking on an educational path that is mostly about what jobs are available and how much salary I can make doing them (hence computer science instead of psych). I know you are BUSY, but can you make another encouraging post like this every once in a while? Pretty please with 1970s polyester on top?!
Thanks for all you do for us out here in blogland!


You bet, Tricia. I think we're sold a bill of goods with those linear models that tell us to complete every tiny piece of one category of life and then we'll be allowed to move on to the next. And I promise I'll keep high fiving you about it. :)


GEW, seems likely I wouldn't charge you for this, friend. :)


I love this line from your blog "Mostly I sew things." Terrific.


Wait. I was saying that to Amy. I was saying that to Amy.

Vicki K

I think you could be onto a great marketing idea - Brand MoDeL NaMEs: Breathe 1132, Thrive 436, Bloom 718, Flourish 827...

Tagging is necessary until then.

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