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November 22, 2012


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I love you Ginger - not in a scary way - you have a knack of getting me out of whatever funk I got going on (bad grammar deliberate)...


I agree with Alyson. Thanks for reminding me that I'm only human when I get into a funk. Also, I relieved a lot of my holiday stress when I realized I have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy ... ah ... to get those handmade gift ideas rolling and completed!


Oh ho! You a have a budding, "To Grow Out Of" pile, as my boys christened my mending pile. They soon learned the only way to get a treasured garment mended was to lay in wait by my piano or stitching chair and ambush me with thread and needle in their hot little hands.... preferable with a piece of dark chocolate in the other hand.

Stay warm


Nice work on the mending pile. Seems appropriate in November.

Musing on how to get my kids to come with requests, bearing dark chocolate...

I have a to-grow-out-of pile too. Several of them. One is actual ironing/mending. The other is knitting - sweaters, which I always have to pass to the next younger kid by the time I finish.

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