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November 16, 2012


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I hear you ... my issue is that Christmas always comes the same time every year, and I always have good intentions of making oodles of handmade gifts ... I even have the materials ... and ... then, the season arrives, its here and I panic because all of my wonderful intentions are not finished. At least, this year, I toned down my ambitious plans. In other words, I LOVE your "dear love" note. It rings so true! Enjoy the holidays with friends and families!!!

Tina Van Lue Rose

Oh I love it! And I feel the same non-making-ness in my life right now, too. I make for others every Christmas and most of the year.... Im thinking this year my best gift would be to myself. To sit back, relax and let the making come back to me, instead of faking to making. Happy holidays Ginger, you give us a great gift here all throughout the year. Thanx ;)

Mindy langdale

I grew up on Washington state, we were a little behind the times living there. I grew up with remnants all over my moms sewing room. Remnants meant new dresses for my sister and I. When bell bottoms were popular, and I had the widest! a bunch of women would come over carrying their sewing machines. My mom used to teach sewing. Mom taught me to sew on her Viking. There were soo many cool stitches. When we moved to California, the sewing went away, it was just not cool to wear homemade clothes to school. To me scraps and sewing, meant Christmas gifts any time of year. Happy Holidays to you and your family


Been thinking of you in your Creative Space lately, with the birds talking outside and the light coming through the leaves. Just enjoy the space.


Ginger - - I so want to steal your note and give it to all those people on my "list". I'm a little blah about getting on it with the productive sewing right now as well and would prefer to make when the inspiration overflows and the pressure is off. Maybe I'll find a way too.

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