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December 18, 2012


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i totally see how the mustard cushioned tent trailer is right up there with the birth of jesus! (and big bras)!! when's the maiden voyage?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A baby and a king, all in one. xo xo

anna in atlanta

Yup, and now ya gotta go camping. And if you see a vintage 15' airstream for sale cheap, just holler :-)

Congrats. With patience and an eye open for opportunity, most things can happen. Ya done good!




Gift of the (camping) magii? They have to sleep somewhere!

Becky Flora

Just read your whole post to Josh-LOVE it! Merry Christmas!!!
Josh and Becky Flora- YL Tulare County (Visalia)


Love the whole outlook on Christmas and being surprised. That camper will provide you and yours with the most amazing and memorable experiences for years. What a bargain!


It is sooooo nice when good things happen to good people! I have gotten so much encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom from your blog and am so happy that you got your hands on this wonderful present!

Catherine Carmichael

Ohhh, I camped in a trailer identical to that growing up! Have fun!!


Where are you located? I believe that I slept in that very tent trailer many times when I was a kid.

From Southern Idaho

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