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January 31, 2013


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Hey! That is ME you are talking about! How exciting! I just read your post and jumped out of bed and ran to tell my college-aged son that I was mentioned on your blog. He, noticing my state of jubilation, asked, "So, are you feeling better then?" No, I replied. I am still sick (with allergies) but now I am sick and happy! Thanks for making my day better (I am back in college...hey, maybe THAT is what is making me sick! Hmm...). As soon as I take a nap I am going to pick out some fabric for a quilt that I would love to make and have been pondering between (and, let's be honest, during) classes. I have to remember that MAKING will enable me to get through school and is NOT something that I get to reward myself with if I do my schoolwork.
Love ya LOTS!


Yes! Making + studying = happiness & success.

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