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January 27, 2013


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Quilt love from a craft hack!


We may or may not have also bought that floral sheet set at a garage sale. $4 and so lovely!


Your quilts are the ones we all like to snuggle under. Keep quilting!

Tricia C.

I think we are sisters of the quilt! I just finished an I Spy quilt for a three-year old and completely agree with your philosophy. Matching corners is boring and cutting pieces exactly the same size, and following a pattern are just not gonna happen in this house. Didn't bind it; instead stitched around the edges and turned it right-side out. Of course, there's wonderfully cozy flannel on the back (96 cents for four yards at Goodwill!!). Even had to wonky-piece the back with some other flannel scraps. I think it's quite wonderful. My daughter wants one next! I have a box of vintage-y sheets that need to be played with too. Mediocre is wonderful!!!


Your words are inspiring! And so are your quilts! :)

anna in atlanta

I got that floral sheet set (in blue) as a birthday gift from my grandmother when I was about 12. So grown up I was, to have sheets that weren't white! And the yellow roses may be the pattern my parents had when they got a king-size bed. Thanks for the nostalgic moments :-)

Vicki K

You just styled your own kind of Bee...wonderful!


I am just glad I could find you again. For a while my link to you was hijacked to some weird website. But here you are again. Making cool stuff out of other people's old cool stuff. :)


Just found your blog!! Ha!! I am pretty ADD, and all of the fussiness of quilting has turned me off to it. I love the product, but the process makes me tear my hair out. So what to do? How to compromise?? I don't know. I love the product enough that I don't want to sell my sewing machine, but I find pottery, and things that are not as fussy better suited for my brain.

Indecisive Nancy in NY


I too, have just found your blog...after 4 years of blogging and...I am on blog #827. Thankfully I have some wonderful blogging friends who have followed me around.

Anyway!! You just quilt your way. I love quilting but really hate quilt blogs some days. I can not make 10 quilts a week, nor make them perfectly. In all the years I have quilted, no quilt receiver noticed my mistakes. We quilt makers are far harder on ourselves...and then we blog about it. Torture, we must love torture;-)

blessings, jilly

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