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February 21, 2013


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Vicki K

The hand sewing will excite some future excavators when they unearth proof that the petrified (polyester) case was handmade.

Love the Weaponry Case...and I realized it looked familiar... If the body is a bit smaller and you sew loops (2) into the top seam, you can use this to store your passport and money. It works with a belt and you can flip and tuck the case into your pants. I made them for my teens when they went a travelin' without Mom.

Otherwise, I would not recommend traveling that way with your Sewing Accoutrements.


Love the new blog, Ging! Looks great!


fantastic!! my favorite is your "purposed color corner". i just did the same thing on some curtains for my extra large a-frame, fill the whole wall windows upstairs. except i tried to camouflage my wonky measuring skills by using the same material. i gotta learn how to just come right out and say it how it is!! i also believe there's nothing better for the soul than some super speedy get it done by any means possible sewing projects. well done!

your blog makeover looks amazing, btw!

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