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March 14, 2013


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Two questions: Do you just use a ginormous crochet? And, also, have you thought about dying the ugly white sheets!


Crochet *hook*, that is. Hook. And that exclamation point is supposed to be a question mark. Hate these touch keyboards.


"Obsessive Compulsive Rug Disorder (OCRD)". I love you, Ginger.

Vicki K, CC

Ginger - I took some inspiration from you and with shredded sheet in tow, crafted a seat pad for my sewing chair. So that in the summer I can sit in comfort without sweating on the leather seat. Maybe TMI but I wanted you to know another very practical adaptation.


Yes to the big crochet hook (though I've done it with a sort of medium-sized one too). And I have thought of dying, but somehow dying is just SO something. I can't decide why the dying of sheets overwhelms me, but it does. Hmmmm.


oh Marta Marta. :)


This is fantastic, Vicki CC. Chair pads are a super good idea. No such thing as tmi here at wdt.


You are ready for the DSM5. Yes, you are.


i have just recently become obsessed with rug making from shirts. yes. obsessed. i made 2 in 4 days. one is 34" one is 38" . :)

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