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May 30, 2013


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i like your way, ginger!

i know sometimes i want to hate the guy with all the lotions and creams. and sometimes i just want a taste of the glory.

i had a deep thought similar to yours just the other day. about how those differences in life, that can stir up an internal or external fight, most of the time don't matter, at all. it's the doing, or the being together, enjoying those differences, or not paying attention to those differences. not letting the differences cause trouble, but to cause love despite those differences.


Go, Ginger! In reality, a great quilt (or any sewing project) that the sewer and the admirers will OOOOOOOOO and AAAAAAAAAAAAA over is all about the design and color, not where the fabric came from or how much it cost. It's amazing how each color impacts the color next to it. I whole heartedly agree with Emily in her discussion about differences. Go, Emily!


I so enjoy your deep insight into what 'keeps the head attached to the rest of me'. Seriously. This stuff is important.:)

Jenni @ Just Stuff

I have also been trying to sew with only secondhand fabrics for about five years. I got a similar reaction from a friend when I posted about a project I broke down and bought new fabric for. Ultimately, I do hope people look for secondhand fabric first, and I think you present that approach in a very non-judgemental way. So I say, no apology is necessary!


What you do is awesome. Don't apologise!
Thanks for the mention :)

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