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May 07, 2013


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Great job!


I've never heard of Fortrel! Pardon me, while I head over to Wikipedia...

Vicki K

I like the color combo - A LOT!! Is the whole thing the two colors?

Am I correct in assuming that you have a plastic liner on the other side? In which case I feel a moral obligation to tell you of a recent find from Target for about $8. They have a set of shower curtain holders that have TWO hooks opposite of each other - one for the (in your case) nonugly shower curtain and one for the liner. It is genius. Because I hate trying to wrestle getting just the plastic one down (only) to wash it (more often) than the regular shower curtain.


Vicki CC--It is exactly just these two colors--there's another cream panel across the bottom. I NEED the rings you're talking about because it is TOTALLY not lined. And I'm always yanking the plastic ones down--well, know.


Antoinette--It's just the fancy name for the stuff your grandma's pants are made of! I refer to it constantly here as "old polyester"--stiffer than the slicker stuff. :)


Thanks, min!

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