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November 04, 2013


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Kelli Pritchard

Oh my kindred sister Ginger!!

How is your sweet family?? I LOVED your post!!

Then there are the never ending unmatched socks, their friend's clothing that I am washing and the never ending decision whether or not to wash the football pads,soccer shin guards and the sweatbands with the rest of the wash...

My dream system actually is a 12x12 room with dressing areas, showers,double washer/dryers, floor to ceiling shelving and clothing rods so that NO CLOTHES EVER LEAVE THE ROOM!!! No transporting all happens in that room...everyone gets up..goes to the dressing room, gets ready for the day and leaves their pjs on their hook. Then at the end of the day, they go in, drop their dirty clothes in those cute personal baskets you made, puts their pjs back on and WOW no need for closets or dressers...smaller bedrooms= more living space!!

So in my dream house, this will be the system...

Someday, when I get to design it, or is their really laundry in heaven? Sure hope my house is next to yours!!

Love you...kelli


I thought of you last week when I repaired one of Granny's polyester patchwork quilts for a cousin. (New batting, new backing, retied and repaired) Half way through, I thought WTH am I doing?! But when it was finished, I wanted to keep it. Snuggly and warm and heavy as hell. Your laundry tags are way cute!


As ever, you make me smile. I loved this post. You had me at "SWEATY UNDERCARRIAGE" . . . by the time you mentioned axe body spray I was almost dead. So funny.

Vicki K

Isn't MISUSED SPRAY AXE redundant?

Axe Story #1 in a Series... Driving my adolescents to a sleepover in our van with all their bags and stuff in the boys say, "ahhh, it smells like camp back here". The Mom (me) gets all dreamy and nostalgic for the great outdoors and chummy cabin stories and asks, "What is it - are your sleeping bags infused with the glorious scent of pine trees??" "OH NO, Mom - it's the smell of AXE from our cabin's SPRAY AXE WAR"

Okay - I LOVE the labels. This promotes you to Laundress (from Common Launderer).

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