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March 26, 2014


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I feel your pain. When my daughter was about four and the whole family was over for Easter dinner, one of her boy cousins ripped the leg off her special doll. I actually ended up taking her and the doll to the doll hospital THAT DAY where a lady took the doll in and fixed it over the next day or so.

I still can't believe I did that. It's not like she stayed attached to that doll ever after. What mothers will do for their children...


Ah, never a dull post from you! Just checking in after a long Internet absence (school, life, blah, blah, blah) and am so glad that you are still alive and kicking (unlike the baby doll...).
Hope to read more from you soon!


Oh Ginger! This made me think of the time I spent a million hours hand crafting a Waldorf doll for my daughter only to have my husband unknowingly toss it in the the wash and dry it on HIGH heat. It was stuffed with wool. There is no coming back from that. I didn't throw it away just because I couldn't bring myself to, but the result is not pretty. Permanent disfigurement. Very sad. Glad you'll get out of the hole someday. At least you have something to do in there.

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