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  • If you're looking for me (maybe you want to give me a big box of your grandma's polyester), you can email wienerdogtricks AT gmail DOT com.


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That is awesome!! I can't wait to go rip up some old lady dresses for this!!!!!

Anne Weaver

Very nice!!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing blog:

Carolyn B (vintagepix)

The only problem with this project is that it makes me wanna run to the thrift store right this instant and stock up on the polyester that I always ignore! (Like I need more fabric :o)


very very neat. It actually seems pretty easy, so I think I may try it instead of the purse pattern I have(Simplicity 5151) b/c it looks great for a beginner like me.


You've persuaded me to show some polyester love! Lovely bag and quite the witty tutorial!



I JUST posted a request on my blog about what to do with the GIANT stack of polyester my grandpa gave me from my grandma's closet. I already make bags EXACTLY like this, I don't know why I didn't think of it. And you're right, that funky polyester has the patterns that attract but the feeling that repels. =)


This is a really cool idea and you did a very professional job.


you are just fabulous and funny! i am going to go whip these up and give them away for christmas to my non crafty friends who will think i am the next martha stewart!!


Yeah, it's taken me a while to explore all you have to offer, but I think, by golly, that I can do this one!


Just discovered you it, love it, love it. Your style, your word prowess, green-crafty skillz. This "method of attack" for cheapy poly languishing in the drab corners of most all thrift shops almost makes me think even the powder-blue polyester leisure suit of yore would stand a chance if properly provoked with my scissors. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm off to go see what else I can find here. Cheers, K


Wow, great tutorial, super simple directions and easy to follow! I love to read your commentary, you make it sound so fun! I've already made a lot of reusable bags similar to this, but I'm surely going to try one just like you...for the fun of it.



I love this tutorial! I typically make bags using a similar method- except I cut squares out of the corners instead of sewing across the bird beaks. (I call the pointy areas that you get when you make your magic bottoms "bird beaks" since that is what they look like to me.) I find that my seams match up better when I do it that way. Not that I have an Aunt Bee... uh, oh, maybe I AM an Aunt Bee... LOL!

I also love your light tone with the tutorial. Makes it fun to read!

I don't know what thrift stores you frequent- I never see cute old polyester! But I do manage to find a LOT of vintage sheets... which tend to come home with me.

C. Clark

Seems to me yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, and estate sales would all be great places to find fabric for this project. Just a couple of months ago I found fabric at a yard sale at it was only 10¬Ę for each piece of fabric. The pieces were of all materials including leatherette, heavy canvas, cotton, etc., and they were several yards in size! I scooped up as many as I could.

Often lots of other goodies like buttons, beads, ribbons, etc., at these sales too for little but pennies if you want to dude-up the totes a little for somebody special.

Anyway, I have been looking at directions for making these reversible totes, and there are lots of people who have directions for them online, but after reading though about a dozen of them, yours were the directions/photos that were the clearest and easiest to follow. Keep up the good work!


or maybe...a few more than 37 minutes for me??? this looks awesome, I am going to have to try this out. THANKS for the tutorial!

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